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Start your stand up paddle board adventure now with SoulKite! Stand up paddle boarding (SUP) is one of the fastest growing water sports in the world, and is not only atone of fun, but also an amazing core workout from head to toe.

SUP has many sub-disciplines, including recreational paddling, downwind racing, SUP with yoga/fitness, and SUP with surfing (on the ocean), just to name a few!

Perth is one of the best locations to discover this new awesome experience, with the beautiful flat waters of the Swan River providing the ideal spot for fledgling SUP enthusiasts to hone their technique and develop confidence on the board.

We offer SUP lessons and SUP (stand up paddle board) hire.

SoulKite, located near Perth, has a large range of Stand Up Paddle boards, perfect for everyone. All the stand up paddle board instructors are ASI qualified, to ensure a maximum of progression, fun and safety.

stand up paddle lessons Perth

Stand Up Paddle Lesson (2hours)

Stand up paddle lessons Perth

$70 / Individual Lesson (2hrs)BOOK NOW

$130 / 2 people (2hrs)BOOK NOW

$180 / 3 people (2hrs)BOOK NOW

$55 / 4 - 16 people (2hrs) / personBOOK NOW


In this stand up paddle board lesson (SUP lesson), you will learn how to ride on the SUP.

SUP equipment hire is included. So give it a go. 


If you are looking for Stand Up Paddle board lessons (=SUP lessons) near Perth, choose SoulKite which offers the most attractive prices for SUP lessons and SUP gear. There are great SUP spots near Perth to do SUP, Stand Up Paddle perth, paddle boarding perth. If you want to hire a stand up paddle board around Perth, call Soulkite : 0413 275 058 .



While we strive to make paddling accessible to all, we must enforce a policy whereby only experienced SUP paddlers can rent SUP boards from us at locations that are suitable for SUP. We offer SUP lessons every day, booking are essential, and for the cost of  $30 extra on top of your rental.
We define experienced SUP paddlers as such:
·         Hold a SUP paddle properly on SUP board
·         Can handle SUP board properly on land and on the water
·         Understands how to paddle forward 10 strokes, turn and return to the same spot
·         Can paddle efficiently into the wind (if there is wind)
·         Knows the marine boating rules
Stand up Paddle Surfing:   We do not hire SUP boards for surfing locations.  SUP Surfing can be dangerous for people with no previous surfing experience.  
We require the following items be worn while paddling with absolutely no exceptions:
·         Leash / leg-rope 
·         Mobile phone in a wet bag – in case of an emergency. 
·         A watch so you can watch your time. Should you stay out beyond one hour, you will be charged for additional time.
Suitable SUP Paddling Location
We currently provide supervised SUP hire at: 
·         Black Walls Reach, Bicton
·         Bicton Baths, Bicton
There are many locations not suitable for paddle boarding and can have hidden dangers.  Weather conditions can also be unpredictable in some locations.  
We will provide you information and maps on the best and safest locations for paddle boarding.  For your safety, you must only paddle board at the designated locations.
Stand Up Paddle board Equipment 
Damage: Please inspect your board prior to taking it out. We check it upon return and charge $100 against your credit card for any dings or damage.
Rental Rates
Hourly:  $25 an hour, $40 for 2 hours`

Terms and conditions:

Kitesurfing lessons, stand up paddle lessons, hire and gift vouchers are valid one year after purchase date.

No refund is offerd on Gift Vouchers or Lessons, however the Gift Voucher are tranferable to other people.

SoulKite Refund / Returns Procedure:

Client will obtain a refund or credit when:

  • The client notifies Soulkite 24 Hours prior to the time of the activity.
  • The instructor cancels the activity due to unsuitable condition.
  • No refund will be offer if it rains.
  • An administration fee of 10% will be charge for refund.

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