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BEST new ROCA kite


The new Roca land at SoulKite

SoulKite review: " the Roca is the perfect kite for most of the kitesurfing riders. Its a very easy kite to learn with, and very fun as well. The team was really impressed about the huge wind range, the enormous boost to jump, the controllable power, reactive handling and immediate response. The Roca is also bullet proof, very well built, and comes with the Best lifetime warranty. "

To try the kite, just call Alex. You can try it during kitesurfing lessons for example or hire it.


The Best R&D team is located at Cabo da Roca, Portugal, the most westerly point of Europe. Here we developed Best's very latest freeride kite: The new Roca. We brought the very first pieces to the Kitesurfing World Cup in Germany to check on the riders reactions. Their feedback to the Roca's endless wind range, enormous boost, controllable power, reactive handling and immediate response was priceless. Now we're sure that this is the modern tri-strut kite you really should add to your quiver soon.

The Roca is designed to deliver outstanding performance no matter the conditions.

The result of such effort is a tangible versatility you haven't experienced with any other kite before. The Roca just loves boosting huge airs as much as being the right choice for a liberated, hassle-free freeride session downwind. It's a pleasure in waves but has an incredible jumping ability combined with an outstanding hang time. You can be sure The Roca always gives you all the time you need to finish your kitesurfing trick while you descend back to the water in full control. 

The Roca is designed to cover the widest possible wind range. Due to its modern tri-strut design it is very light and agile while the large face of the canopy with a medium to high aspect ratio perfectly catches the wind. Its swept wingtips ensure stability and an unbeatable depower range: When you pull the bar, your Roca instantly responds with grunty power. In high winds or gusts it is enough to give a little way to the bar to be back in the comfort zone.








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