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Kitesurfing F-one Bandit8

With so many qualities on its side, the BANDIT is a kite that will help you getting better whatever your level or kind of kitesurfing practice. In a current market where most kites are getting more and more specific, the BANDIT really stands out by proving excellent in all kind of kitesurfing disciplines. 

Height years of uninterrupted work on the Bandit kites and the Delta-C shape concept, guarantee that all sizes are really finely tuned.

  This makes the whole range of kites really consistent as they all share the same qualities and feelings with no period of adaptation required to switch from one size to another.

« this kite is awesome, whatever you want to do with it, wave, freeride, freestyle. The construction of the kite and the bar is one of the best on the market, and for once, the design is really nice and flashy. We use the kite for the kitesurfing school and this is the first choice of Lewis » Vince, IKO instructor, manager of SoulKite kitesurfing school, kitesurfing teacher. If you want to try it, feel free to contact us.

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