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How to waterstart

How to waterstart


Once you have learnt the kitesurfing safety systems, you know how to control the kite and how to perform upwind bodydragging, then its time to learn waterstart. In the 5hours packages, the 2 last hours are designed to learn the technics on how to master the waterstart. If you follow your instructor, you listen and you stay calm, you will success.

Here the few steps to master the kitesurf water start:

  • First thing is to bring your kite close to 12 o’clock, control the kite with one hand, and place your feet in the foot straps. You board must be parallel to the bar, facing the kite. If your kite is moving, your all body must move to face your kite. Keep your knees bending, bar pushed away.
  • Now, you are going to make a power stoke to generate enough power to stand up on your board. You will need to pull the bar, and then pull on the right or the left side, depending where you want to go. The kite will dive in front of you. The more power you need, the bigger will be the power stroke.
  • The kite is diving in front of you; push on your legs to stand up. If the wind is too light, bring you kite on the opposite side of the wind window (1 o’clock if you are going on the left) so you can make a huge power stroke. If the wind is too strong, make a smaller movement with your kite so you won’t fall forward. Its better to start with small power stroke, to understand the movement and the wind, and then make it bigger and bigger to generate more power.
  • Once you stand up, keep your front leg strait, your back leg bended and lean back so you can control you kite. Depending on the power you generated with the first stroke, you might need to do a second power stroke to keep riding. If the wind is good enough, just park your kite at around 10 or 2 o’clock, and enjoy the ride.
  • To stop, bring your kite back to 12 o’clock, edge with your board as much as possible, and sit into the water. You are now ready to try in the opposite direction. Remember do pull the bar too much!!



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