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Wind apps for kitesurfing

Wind apps for kitesurfing

What are the best kitesurfing conditions? What is the best wind to practice kitesurfing?

Check the weather in Applecross or Point Walter now!

Of course, this will depends on your level of kitesurfing,the size of your kite, the spot, and what you want to do: Freestyle, big air, wakestyle, waves…so many different riding style.

If you are beginners or intermediate, it is aleways better to ask a kitesurfing instructor what he reckon before to launch your kite.

If it is your first time on a kite spot, it is always clever to ask advice to locals riders, about the wind, hazards, etc…

In Perth, we recommend beginner and intermediate riders to go from 14 to 25knots. Then, the more you improve, you can go up to 35knots. More than 35knots is dangerous, especially if the winfd turn out to be gusty. In Perth, we have perfect wind conditions pretty much every afternoon, with a constant sea breeze starting at 1pm around 15knots, and picking up up to 25knots at 5pm.

If I am 80kg, I will need 2 kites to ride most of the days in Perth. A 12m to ride from 14 to 19knots, and a 9m to ride from 20 to 35knots. Once again, depending on your style, your boards, etc…you can have a different quiver. Give us a call on 0413275058 to discuss about kitesurfing equipment.

To check the wind forecast and the live wind, SoulKite recommends:

Weather and wind apps for kitesurfing

1. Windguru

2. Windfinder



Seabreeze is the most use weather forecast app is Australia. It will give you the forecast on Perth area, and the live wind on all the best spots, Melville water for Applecross, East Fremantle for Point Walter reserve, Safety bay or Margaret river is you are going south for kite surfing.


If you have any questions on how to fly your kite in the wind window, feel free to contact us anytime or by email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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