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Up wind bodydragging

Up wind bodydragging 


  • Onshore (the wind comes from the front when you look at the ocean, the beach behind you)

  • As all the previous steps, control and perform your upwind dragging is essential.

    This exercise will be useful when you fall from your board and you need to get it back, or when the wind dropped and you have to come back to the shore. The upwind body dragging looks easy, but the lighter the wind is, the more technical it is.

    The idea is to use the kite to be dragged in the water, going upwind (towards the wind).

    To perform the body drag, the kite must be between 10 and 11 o’clock (if you are going to the left), and between 1and 2 o’clock( if you are going to the right). If the kite is too low or too high, you won’t be able to go upwind.

    Then your body position is crucial to edge again the kite. You have to lay on your side, with one hand (right if you are going on the left, left hand if you are going on the right) in the middle of the bar to control the kite. Place your free hand in front of you, towards the direction you want to go.


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