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How to relaunch your kite

How to relaunch your kite 


When you practice kitesurfing, you will crash your kite! Don’t worries, it happen to everyone, sometimes many times during a kite session.

That’s why this is important to know who to relaunch your kite. In light wind, relaunching can be very tricky. In strong wind, it’s easier but you have to make sure you relaunch you kite safely.

During your lessons, you will learn how to relaunch is strong and light wind. Theory will give you an idea on how to relaunch, so you are prepare for your lesson, but of course you will learn by doing, again and again, in different wind conditions.

Here the 3 steps to safely water relaunch:

  • When my kite is in the water, I let go off the bar, then place the bar in the correct orientation (red on the letf). As this stage, my line will be crossed.


  • Push the bar, then grab the leader line on the top and pull it until the kite steers to one side and turns onto its wind tip.


  • Once the kite turns onto its wing tip, and reach the edge of the window (9 or 3 o’clock) I release the leader line, and continue to steer the kite up, with my bar pushed. To take of safely, you have to make sure the kite reach the edge of the window. Relaunching in the power zone will can be really dangerous.

If the kite falls on its trailing edge, I need to pull hard and release quickly the middle lines (front lines); You can do it several time until the kite is on the leading edge



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