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How to fly a kite

How to fly a kite 

When you fly a kite, you hold your bar and you can have 2 kind of action:

  • Steering right or left

By steering on the right, you will give tensions in your right external line (or back line), which will result with the kite going on the right.

  • Pulling or pushing you bar

To power or de power your kite, you will pull or push the bar. With this action, you will change the angle of the kite, and the surface of the kite catching the wind.

 If you push the bar away from you, the kite will be more “open”. Your kite will have less surface in contact with the wind, so less power. When you fly your kite at the edge of the wind window (walking upwind, landing or launching) your bar must be pushed. If the bar is too pushed, the kite will flap, and will fall from the sky. Remember that when your bar is pushed, you have less tension in your back line, which make the kite move slower.

If you pull the bar, the kite will be more “closed”. Your kite will have more surfaces in contact with the wind, so more power


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