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Wind window kitesurfing tutorial


Kitesurfing theories- Wind window - Kiteboarding


The wind window is the area where where you can fly your kite. This is a three-dimensional half-dome. You have 3 differents ares in the wind window: the edge of the window (green), the intermediate zone (orange), the power zone (red)



  • The Edge of the window

What you want to do is find the right combination of power and handling. You pull the bar as far towards you so the back lines have enough tension to control the kite safely. Too much tension and the kite is a lot faster and more powerful

  • The Power zone

The power zone is the area, when you fly the kite, and the wind is coming from your back, the lowest in front of you.This is the area where your kite will be the most poweful. Be careful, this is a dangerous position if you are not riding and looking for more power. When you are walking upwind, launching, or landing you kite, avoid this area. In light wind, you may need to send your kite in the power zone to generate enough power to stand up on your board and go for your first kiteboarding ride.

  • The intermediate zone

The intermediate zone, on the wind window, is the area with less power than the power zone, and more than the edge of the window.This is located at the top and sides of the wind window, with the yelow color.

During your kite surfing lessons, you will learn the first hour how to fly the kite in the wind window, and most important, you will feel the difference between these three different positions.

If you have any questions on how to fly your kite in the wind window, feel free to contact us anytime or by email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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