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How to fix your bladder of your kite ? - Kitesurfing Tutorial

 Soulkite soulkite located in the Perth area shows you how to repair a hole in your leading edge

At first you have to spot the hole in the bladder.


1 - To repair your kite properly you have to clean your bladder with alcohol or an alcohol patch.



2 - Make the doctor around the hole with a marker.




3 - For the repair to be the best possible, choose the size of your patch according to the size of the hole, if it's bigger or smaller. 

Paste a patch on the hole.

Arrange with glue if necessary.



4 - Inflate the bladder to his maximum to check if the repair worked well.


For more help and more information about how to fix a kite leak, it is possible to contact Soulkite.


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