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F-One Bandit 2018 Kite Review

fone bandit 2018 kite review

 F-one added a new kite to his 2018 collection : The F-One Bandit 2018 ! F-One claims to bring this best seller a bunch of new features :

F-one Bandit 2018 Features

- Top performances in all disciplines.
- Huge wind range
- Controled lateral pull for improved comfort
- Original auto relaunch
- New Reactor Valves for faster inflation.
- New Linx Bar with one line flag out safety system
- New Materials and colour coding for reinforcements
- Prooved durability
- Delta C shape patent




We reviewed the kite for you and here's what we think about it


F-One Bandit 2018 UNPACKING

fone bandit 2018 buy kite perth sale

As soon as we unpack the kite, we feel the high quality of the materials used. At the first sight, the top construction made us confident that this kite would be durable and strong.


F-One Bandit 2018 PUMPING

The new system introduced by F-one is a game-changer ! The pumping is effortless and fast with the new large fast-inflatation valve. You need the specific F-one pump that is included in the package.


F-One Bandit 2018 HANDLING

f one bandit 2018 new linx bar

The bar feedback with the new LinxBar has also improved. We noticed a better feeling and a super fast reaction from the kite.

The kite profile didn't undergo through major changes. We still have the canopy profile but a few modifications keep it nice and clean.

The feeling is almost the same as the previous collections with a few changes but it is still reactive and sporty. A perfect compromise for all types of riders : this is why this is the best all-round kite on the market according to us.


F-One Bandit 2018 SIZING

fone bandit 2018 what size to choose

Our kitesurfing school uses different sizes according to the conditions and the level of the rider. For a beginner we would recommend having a 7m for strong winds and an 11m kite for light winds to get some speed going.

If you're advanced you probably know what size you would need as the behaviour is the same as the previous kites.



This kite comes with bright/intense colours just as the other editions. This year's dominant colour is the turquoise. Our personal favorite is he turquoise/pink.


fone bandit 2018 colors available




Do you want to try the kite ?


At Soulkite, you can hire the equipment to try it (if you prove your kitesurfing level).

If you liked the kite after trying it, you can find it at our kitesurfing shop in Melville, next to Perth, Western Australia.


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