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Kitesurfing in the blizzard with Ruben Lenten



Kitesurfing in extreme conditions in Iceland

If you don't know Ruben Lenten yet, you're missing something !

Ruben Lenten is a Dutch professional kitesurfer known for his will to push kitesurfing harder everytime. He won awards such as the Red Bull King of Air in 2005 and created famous kitesurfing event : the megaloop challenge is one of them.

He created his brand Len10 and a part of his recent work consists in producing impressive kitesurfing videos.

He recently started to upload several video series on Youtube : "Into the Unknown" is making you discover unusual places or conditions to practice kitesurfing. I can already tell you that after seeing this episode you will be happy kiteboarding in Perth with the best conditions !

Ruben lenten practicing kite surf in iceland under bad weather conditions


Is the landscape worth the cold ? You be the judge !

In the 3rd episode of "Into the unknown", Ruben tries to defy natural elements on his board. As he was looking for blizzard and storms, he decided to fly to Iceland as soon as the forecast showed bad conditions there ...

ruben lenten, professional kitesurfer performing high jumps during a storm with the blizzard striking


Kitesurfing in extreme conditions in Ireland and Holland


Watch the following video if you love high kitesurfing jumps !

As the wind strikes hard, Ruben managed to perform extreme high jumps under these risky weather conditions. The incredible kitesurfing stunts he performs will give you the chills for sure !


See the video here :


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Who knows ? You might fall in love with kite surfing and be the next Ruben Lenten !


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