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Are Inflatable SUP boards really resistant ?


The resistance of Red Paddle 


Inflatable ? Indeed, this word is not really catchy as it might remind us the quality of inflatable beach boats we all had one day (not so good, right ?).

When it comes to Stand Up Paddle boards, the questions you might ask are :


- Are they really solid ?

- Is it dangerous if I hit a rock ?

- Can my SUP board deflate at any moment ? 


Well, it's your lucky day ! Thanks to RED Paddle, we have the answers to these questions.


During two weeks, the Red Paddle Test Lab made his 10'6" ride (see here) undergo all kinds of resistance tests !

From paintball gun shots (180 mph) to 9 tons tractor pressure, you'll see how the board reacts to these 10 grueling challenges.


motorcycle rolling on an inflatable sup board to test its strength 

The 10'6" Board getting hit by a cross motorcycle


9 tons tractor rolling on a stand up paddle board to test the resistance

 Challenge n°8 : 9 tons tractor ! Will the board survive ?



To see if the board survives all the test, watch this video :




Convinced ?


As you can see, the inflatable paddle board from Red Paddle Co succeeded at all the tests (extreme height, weight and pressure). It just got away with a little bit of dirt !

These SUP boards are the results of many years of research and development and they still improve as of today. You don't need to question their strength and durability anymore.

We can finally answer our initial question : How resistant are inflatable paddle boards ?

Extremely resistant !


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