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The big Stand Up Paddle : many friends on one board

big stand up paddle

 New : The Big Stand Up Paddle

The big SUP is a new way to practice stand up paddle born in 2010. This giant inflatable paddle board gives you the opportunity to practice with up to 8 friends at a time! You can either sit, stand on ittry to surf on waves or just have fun trying to stay without falling.

If you have friends around Perth and you want to enjoy a sunny day, come and rent a big SUP at Soulkite . We provide newly available boards built for serious adventures.


Take a look at this video of friends riding a big SUP :

SURF FX Team VS. Red Paddle Co Ride XL SUP from Kamikaze Productions on Vimeo.


The riding skills to ride a big SUP

Absolutely none ! You can ride a big SUP even if you never went on a paddle board. 

The big board suited to all

Since it has been designed to have fun with friends, everyone including teenagers can practice.

So you can use this huge stand up paddle board here in Western Australia whether you're with your family or friends


Main features of the big SUP 

-from 4 and up to 8 people on the board.

-size of the board 17'0'' x 60

-recent equipment

-suited for flat water or small waves riding


multi person stand up paddle board

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